Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Galvanic SPA at the palm of your hand!

10Mins Spa. Notice the texture and the lines.

This is a real photo of a 90 year old who agreed to let her granddaughter do only half of her face with Galvanic Spa 3 times a week . The Spa works like a "wrinkle iron", and improves overall skin condition like smoothness, pore size, texture, etc over the long term, so
that people who use it at least twice a week actually look younger over time.

Before and after pictures. 10Mins SPA.

Even our lovely Hollywood Star Brad Pitt is using it.

It doesn't only WORK but IMPROVES OVER TIME

It also works on stimulating Hair Growth.

1. During Pre-treatment, the galvanic instrument and pre-treat gel are negatively charged

2. The negative charges repel each other, driving the pre-treat gel into the skin

3. The pre-treat gel binds to impurities deep into the skin

1. During treatment cycle, the galvanic instrument and the treatment gel are positively charged

2. These positive charges repel each other, helping to deliver the ingredients into the skin

3. The positive charged instrument attracts the remaining negative charged impurities from the Pre-treat cycle, drawing them out from the skin.

Nicole Kidman swears on Galvanic SPA.

Belly Issue? Here's your solution.

After giving birth - One Month Usage (3times A Week) And here's the result.

Indulge yourself with one now!
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